Guidelines to Signing Your Christmas Cards

Photo Christmas Cards

Many names are made plural by simply adding a letter “s”
Examples: The Grinakers, The Lydles, The Bowyers, The Woods, The Melnicks

Names that end in S, SH, X, Z or in a soft “ch” sound,
Examples: The Mullinaxes, The Charleses
Exception: if the “s” is pronounced like a “z”, then NO LETTER IS ADDED.
Example: Gil Hodges family greeting card would just say “The Hodges”

Names that end in Y are not changed to “ies”
Examples: The Lillys (not the Lillies), The Sidleys

When in doubt, just sign the card from the family
Example: The Distafano Family
Quotation marks are not needed around any proper noun, but may be used to clarify nicknames
Example: The Larry “Bud” Melman Family

If you are creating a list of names like From Bob, Sue, Amanda and T.J., you do need a comma after each name until the NEXT TO LAST one. If if is connected by the word “and” or an ampersand (&), it should not have a comma after it.
Examples: Mark, Donna, Jeff and Lyam Harmon orMark, Donna, Jeff & Lyam Harmon