Archive Your Life


Will your grandchildren know if they’ve inherited your good looks? Will you be able to show them your childhood home?
The answer to these questions is largely dependent on how you store and archive printed and digital images today. After all, we’re not simply talking about pictures and home movies. We’re talking about your childhood, your wedding day, your entire family history … your life.


Archiving is the process of preserving, organizing and protecting your photos, slides, negatives, digital photos, videos & movies.

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1. Peace of mind. Aging photo albums, boxes of prints and home movies are at risk for deterioration, misplacement and destruction in their current state. Archiving also insures against loss due to water damage, fire and other environmental hazards.
2. Pass it on. Share with your children, grandchildren and siblings. They will appreciate being able to look back precious memories and their family history.
3. No family battles. Once your photographs and memorabilia are digitized, each and every family member can have his or her very own photo print or digital copy of the files. This is especially helpful in the case of a death in the family or divorce.
4. No more clutter. Box up the old albums, stacks of prints, slide carousels and movie tapes for good. Storing a digital version of your memories requires far less space in your home.
5. Convenience. Avoid digging through closets, flipping through albums looking for a single photo or spending hours on your computer or other device searching. Storing your images and videos in one place makes them easily searchable and can be quickly located.


Get Creative. After you have digital files of everything you can make gifts, wall décor, books and more!

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