Photography Classes



1-on-1-photography-instructionDesigned for those who are looking for more personal instruction than available in a classroom. Our 1 on 1 instruction is also a great way to cover specific subjects and techniques. Some Examples Of Instruction May Be: Learning How To Use Your Camera Or Video Equipment (Point & Shoot, SLR Or Video/Camcorder), How To Take Better Photos, Low Light Photography, What Do All These Buttons Do?

Let us know what you want to learn and we can find a way to acheive your goals.


Times and subjects to be determined through consultation with customer. Scheduling will need to suit both instructor and customer. We may need up to 7-10 working days to schedule sessions.


1-2 hours — $60/hr
3-5 hours — $50/hr
6 + hours — $40/hr

Time can be used in increments of no less than 30 minutes. If instruction goes over by more than 10 minutes of scheduled time the customer will be charged an additional 30 minutes or must use 30 minutes of purchased time.


Customer will prepay for class time and will be given a contact/class log card that LA Cameras will keep on file. We will enter the total time purchased in the Hours Purchased area and fill in the 1/2 hr boxes on the card(equal to purchased time) with a yellow highlighter. Before each session the instructor will pull out the customer’s card until finished. When the session is completed the instructor must initial ½ hour boxes equivalent to time used and make any needed notes before putting the card back in the file.